Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today is my anniversary. 
Today I choose not to think about the very difficult and lonely years we've recently been through, but to celebrate the cool and quirky stuff we did and the hope of a future together that I can look back on 10 years from now with satisfaction and gratitude that we made it through the parenting years (though we may be paying for college indefinitely - who knows).

Here's to running through the sprinkers at midnight on our birthdays.
Here's to Woody Allen movies.
Here's to dancing in the aisles at the grocery store.
Here's to great sex.
Here's to agreeing to help our friends when they need it.
Here's to creating two beautiful and intelligent and challenging human beings who will go forth and make the world a better place.
Here's to finding our way back to a couplehood as we embrace the challenges of raising children.
Here's to thoughtful gifts through the years.
Here's to sacrifice.
I love you!

You know, I kind of like that.  I think I'll make that my anniversary card!

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