Monday, November 14, 2011


I have two rabbits.

I don't really want any rabbits.  They are cute and super soft but way too much responsibility.  I have decided I really don't like caged animals.  I feel bad for them all the time because I don't want them caged.  I tried letting them out to run around, but you have no idea just how destructive a rabbit can be until they run around your house for a day or two. 

I have heard you can potty train them and that would make a huge difference BUT... they still have teeth and like a perpetual toddler, they put everything in their mouth.

I'm trying to write.  I have the house to myself which is a rare event (and only for another 45 minutes) so I thought I'd take this time to tap out a few ideas in my head.  The bunnies are fighting me.  One of the bunnies is running around and jumping in her cage trying to get my attention.  Maybe I should give her a cuddle then finish writing.  I did think she was pregnant.  I mean, she started nesting and ripped all the fur on her chest out -- which is like... OW!  I like to pet the skin there because it's so soft, but she does not enjoy it and since she's the one with the teeth... I don't pet it.  (much).  Oh yeah, she's upset.  Now she's trying to rip her water bowl off the side and throw it. 

The other bunny has a cage that is too small for him.  He was just the size of your hand a few months ago, but.... they GROW!  Darn!  So until I can find a cage I can afford we put him in the downstairs bathroom for a bit daily.  He's still in there and it sounds like he is playing drums on the door.  My guess is that nobody fed him this morning -- or this afternoon and now he can hear me clicking away out here and he's hungry.

Did you know that bunny's GROWL!  They do.  When they are upset they will growl - they will even ATTACK you! (which brings to mind images of Monty Python).  Our rabbits are fairly nice, but they have attacked and they do growl if you don't pet them before feeding them (and you'd so think that would be the other way around, wouldn't you!).  I cracked up the first time I heard this growling.  I thought to myself, just who are you kidding!!  Trust me, they aren't kidding.  Those teeth and their nails are sharp!

OK... off to more parental responsibility.  Going to feed the furry children. 

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