Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas Gifts

I have a wonderful tradition with a good friend of mine where we give one another gag gifts on our birthdays.  We are rarely on time and they are often supremely tacky.  I almost had the perfect gift this year, but after I finally came down from the Giant Metal Chicken (just Google it and when you start laughing you'll know you're on the right site!) high I was on, my brain kicked in and I realized that a small flock of real, egg laying chickens might be a bit more of a burden than a good laugh. 

I have stopped exchanging gifts with my family.  (Not my kids, just my brother etc.) but am considering starting this tradition with them.  No more than $20 and we could even do a White Elephant thing (damn I love White Elephant Gift Games!!). 

This year, should the rest of my family agree (honestly, even if they don't I am going forward with this) I have already identified some pretty awesome gifts!

Do you watch TV?  Then I'm sure you've seen...

Spray Rubber!  Seriously, I wish I could just buy everyone a can.  This is the coolest stuff I've seen in a long time!!  I think if you buy 2 you get a Ginsu knife too! 

Dog Fart Spray!  I am thinking I could give this to a friend with a teenage boy and add a sticker that says "Boy" over the dog.  (although they have a dog that farts too, so maybe this is a dual purpose gift!)

Bacon TShirt would be cool for either of my kids.  Now, as I read the rest of the fun shirts on the site I feel good that I laugh at many, and realize I just don't understand what some of them are talking about.  For instance, not being an SNL watcher, I did not understand the "More Cowbell" comment and had to Google that search.

Giant Trout Pillow:  This could be a serious winner!  (Oh, no!  It's out of stock!)

Then there is always the go-to gift... Chia Pet.  Pick your theme!!!

OK... getting tired.  I'm off.  Night Sue Ellen.  Night John Boy.  Night Google.  Night Internet.

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