Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Bunny Madness

So the maybe, but now probably not, pregnant bunny just came out of her cage for a run around.  I haven't let her out much because she was nesting and I did (do?) think she is pregnant.  My kittens are a little too interested in her and keep wanting to bat her with their paws so I yell NO in a big booming voice that - thankfully - still works on them (because it doesn't work on anybody else in my family!  I do want them to be afraid of the bunnies so the bunnies stay safe (though the bit on my thumb might lead one to believe the bunnies can easily take care of themselves.  They probably have little bunny switch knives and leather jackets they wear when I'm not home to be tough and strike fear into the kittens.  Which actually brings a memory to mind.  Our first cat (that is married first cat) was named Krazy Kitty.  I now don't recall why we named her that but I still miss her and I"m not a mushy animal person (not after all the cats I've unintentionally offered up to coyote sacrifice anyway).  We had a whole story about how Krazy Kitty spent her time outside.  How she had a Mohawk that she patted down when she came back in the house so we wouldn't know about her other life.  Rode around on a motorcycle and tagged the neighborhood to make sure everyone knew she was in charge.  We actually saw a tag sign on the freeway off ramp that said KK and of course, that was Krazy Kitty.  So silly the wonderful things we thought up when we were young and less concerned with the maturity of life.

So now the bunny, after cautiously venturing out from the cage, started racing around the house.  Racing.  Chasing cats, running behind the sofa (which she's probably inside right now eating until it collapses in a bunch of sticks.  Bunnies must have termite relatives, they chew everything!)  It's cute to see her run around.

I do wish I could train her not to chew cords and such.  I know we can litter box train them and that alone would be pretty cool.  I love the idea of having a neat pet that other people don't have.  They really are some work though.

Makes me love my cats even more honestly.  They are so easy!!!  How does anybody not love a cat!

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