Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Guest Post from Jen O'Herin (teacher of Jewish Roots class at Mariners Church)

One more note, my friends. May you have a meaningful day...
Good Friday

For hundreds, even thousands of years, God had instructed His people to make a sacrifice to "cover over" their sins. These sacrifices occurred every day at 9 AM and 3 PM, while the Temple stood, and were announced by the sounding of the shofar (ram's horn trumpet). These sacrifices were only to be a reminder to them of the payment He had promised to make on their behalf. The Passover lamb sacrifice was a special remembrance of how God had saved His people from death and delivered them from slavery. Literally "calling them out" from bondage.

On the day we call "Good Friday", Jesus was crucified at 9AM. At exactly 3PM, when the shofar was blown, He announced "It is finished!" and died.
What was finished?
The suffering?
The crucifixion?
Could it be that the whole sacrificial system was now fulfilled? The reminders were no longer necessary since the sacrifice they were pointing to had been accomplished.

As I contemplate the importance of remembering this day, my heart is grateful for the sacrifice that was paid. For the voice that "called me out" of bondage, and saved me from death and slavery. I don't want to remember just today, but every day. What can be my daily "shofar" to call me to remembrance of Christ's sacrifice on a daily basis? 
Give me eyes to see and ears to hear the reminders You have put in my life, so that I may never forget.

"Don't mistake the Truth that is living water for the dry dust of mere facts"


Guest Post from Jen O'Herin (teacher of Jewish Roots class, Mariners Church)

Most of us have seen the movie "Passion" and have heard the reports from
critics and fans. But I am struck by the number of individuals who claim
that it is too violent. "Why all the violence? Was it really necessary?" or
"It's very uncomfortable to watch". It made me think about Christ's actual
crucifixion. Why all the violence, God? I know Jesus had to die for me to
be forgiven, but did it have to be so ugly?? God had to have a reason.
Could it be that He wanted to give us a picture of the pain that was really
going on? That Jesus was leaving the presence of God and enduring hell for
us - for three days. Not paying the price of just my sins, although that
would be bad enough, but for the entire world, for all time. The physical
crucifixion would just be a glimpse of the torment He would have endured
after His death.

I don't know. But I can't help think that there would be no way to overdo the picture of
the pain and violence. And it should make us VERY uncomfortable..........

from Jen O'Herin
Mariners Church

"Don't mistake the Truth that is living water for the dry dust of mere facts"

I Wish Land

I am having faith issues right now. 
First, that's kind of a big deal to me.  God has blessed me with big faith and most of the time this isn't something I have to deal with.  My faith rises up to overcome the problems in my life -- even if only after I've had the opportunity to whine & complain about them first. (I mean come's a girls right, right?)

I am having problems with my family.  At this point, I will spare you the details, but I find myself frustrated today that these issues still exist.  I have a stack of reasons why these issues exist and they include actual reasons that were, in fairness, beyond my control.  Reasons I could not overcome to be the Mom & Wife I'd dreamed of being. 

However, there are other reasons too.  These might fall into more of an excuse column... maybe the line is blurred.  I do not spend much time, if any, playing the "I wish" game.  I wish my past had been different.  I wish... whatever.  There is just no point.  I can't change the past so move on already.  In this area, I seem to be spending more time in I Wish Land.  I wish post partum didn't happen to me.  I wish it hadn't damaged my ability to mother.  I wish it hadn't damaged my relationship with my husband.  I wish those great friends of mine who tried so desperately to show me how to do things better... I really wish I'd listened more and tried harder!!  I can still hear their wisdom and at times it echo's in the dark places of my heart where I don't measure up and I can't run away from that.

I wish, I could be more like them; like those friends whose wisdom was so valuable, yet unheaded.  I wish my family were healthier emotionally.  I wish I wasn't so worried about my son growing up to be a decent, functioning man instead of an emotional psychotic.  (OK, that may be a bit dramatic, but that is the fear when I'm in I Wish Land.).

So today, right now, I will pray.  I will pray for my faith to be restored, for my inabilities to be filled with God's grace, for my family to be whole - even with a few cracks.  For my frustration not to get the better of me.

Know what I mean?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is a 2x4 girl

Wait, what is a 2x4 girl you ask?  I affectionately call myself this because it seems that while Jesus prefers to whisper to me in His daily guidance through my life, there are more times than I care for when a 2x4 accross my head is required to get my attention and effect change.  I'm grateful for these because ultimately, I want to be on God's path, not my own.  At least most of the time I want that.  I admit, there are times I want to be on my own path and I pretend I can't hear or push God away in order to allow myself such luxuries as selfishness, selfcenteredness, pride... well, I could go on, but you get the picture.

What is different about God's 2x4 vs. one from the world is that when God takes me out to the shed for a "talk" it's done with such loving care that I can hardly be angry.  Most of the anger is directed at myself though because I realize, with perfect hindsight, I've done it again.  Jesus is there to pick me up and put me right and we keep moving forward on this journey.


I admit to being jealous of all those creative bloggers out there who have found their voice and wax lyrical about all kinds of topics, managing to pull them all together in a cohesive manner.  I have so much to say and share (I am an extrovert), but who really wants to listen to me?  I'm constantly telling myself to slow down and be quiet and let others have a chance on input into any given conversation. 

I've always wanted to do so many things and life has other ideas for me.  I'm truly not complaining, or at least trying not to.  But I can't let go of all the stuff inside of me that wants a home.

So, here I am with yet another blog I will attempt to keep up with.  I may have finally found my voice... I guess we'll see.