Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Guest Post from Jen O'Herin (teacher of Jewish Roots class at Mariners Church)

One more note, my friends. May you have a meaningful day...
Good Friday

For hundreds, even thousands of years, God had instructed His people to make a sacrifice to "cover over" their sins. These sacrifices occurred every day at 9 AM and 3 PM, while the Temple stood, and were announced by the sounding of the shofar (ram's horn trumpet). These sacrifices were only to be a reminder to them of the payment He had promised to make on their behalf. The Passover lamb sacrifice was a special remembrance of how God had saved His people from death and delivered them from slavery. Literally "calling them out" from bondage.

On the day we call "Good Friday", Jesus was crucified at 9AM. At exactly 3PM, when the shofar was blown, He announced "It is finished!" and died.
What was finished?
The suffering?
The crucifixion?
Could it be that the whole sacrificial system was now fulfilled? The reminders were no longer necessary since the sacrifice they were pointing to had been accomplished.

As I contemplate the importance of remembering this day, my heart is grateful for the sacrifice that was paid. For the voice that "called me out" of bondage, and saved me from death and slavery. I don't want to remember just today, but every day. What can be my daily "shofar" to call me to remembrance of Christ's sacrifice on a daily basis? 
Give me eyes to see and ears to hear the reminders You have put in my life, so that I may never forget.

"Don't mistake the Truth that is living water for the dry dust of mere facts"

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