Saturday, July 9, 2011

Women's Bathrooms -- not the new Men's Bathroom

OK ladies...
Could someone please explain to me why some of you think I want to sit in your pee? 

I mean really.  I work at a big, corporate company.  A large percentage of people have a college degree.  All of them passed "are you a psycho" personality tests to even be hired on.  Still, some of these women still pee on toilet seats or don't flush after themselves.  We literally have signs up in the bathroom reminding such women to flush.

This is not Europe.  We have those great little seat liners that for the few moments you are sitting down really do a pretty good job of keeping you away from the germs.  In fact, I bet the bathrooms in our office are cleaner than the home ones we use because it's cleaned daily.  (No, I do not clean my bathroom daily other than to rinse out the toothpaste in the sink.)

I just don't understand this.  Did I miss the revolution where women decided we too need to stand while we pee?  Are we competing for ickiest bathroom with the men now (trust me women, we'll never win that one.  Have you been inside a public men's room?)?

Please, if this is you... STOP IT ALREADY!

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