Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my own private torture

So, being a Mom of two, there are certain things that come with the territory.  The joy that comes with a smile or an "I love you, Mom."  The conflicting feelings I have because my daughter loves her Daddy so much, we aren't even on the same "list" (he has a list all to himself!).  The pride when your child does something well and on their own; knowing you've taught them well.

And then there is the torture.
The torture of offspring fighting with each even after you've told them to stop -- and stop again.
The torture of never having a moment alone again until after the kids have left for college.  (Seriously, not even the bathroom.  Maybe I have boundary issues.  Maybe my offspring have boundary issues?!)

Then there is a special torture of having only 1 verse of a Justin Bieber song stuck in your head, but not even a verse, just part of a chorus, and you don't really know the words, so you can't even really sing it with the idea that one could satisfy the desire to hear the song.

However, this was made worse yesterday when I realized the song was finally gone...only to be replaced by something equally as bad.  However, this one I knew the words to.  The theme song to the tv show "H20" (Australian kid/tween show abourt mermaids).  It's soooooo corny that I don't find it charming.  The song might have made it, but it went past cute and over the line of acceptable on my corny-meter. 

Today, the two are fighting for dominance.

Maybe I should start humming "Small World" from Disneyland? 

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