Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bunny responsibilities

(warning:  the links in this post may --ok they DO-- have bad language and passive agressive tendancies.  These are not my own, but I thought you might like to know.  The post itself if cursing free)

My female offspring recently purchased a bunny.  She negotiated the deal with someone on Craigslist and managed to get a discount.  I'm very proud of how well she handled it all.  

Getting her to take care of said bunny is something different.  It's always her brother's turn to  change the cage (OK, it's only been 1 day) (in all fairness, she did change it yesterday, but today already they've agreed to share the bunny and now it's his turn.  I decided to give her this task for the next month to teach her some responsibility. 

Additionally, last night this bunny was quite nice and cuddly.  Today he is demon rabbit.  Open the cage and he...growls at you.  (did you even know that bunny's made noise?)  He literally growls, then jumps at you and tries to scratch you with his paws, comes over and bites you, then runs back into his cage!  He's not even that big!

I sat down tonight and let the bunny come to me.  He growled again when I tried to pet him/her (who knows) and then ran back into his cage, but he came out frequently to frighten me (not attacking, but now I was expecting it).  I also explained to said offspring that the bunny is a little traumatized because he was taken from his home sharing a run with a chicken (yes, you read that right, a live chicken though, not a metal one), drove in a car with new people and then deposited into a home that to a bunny, just smells like PREDATOR!  (we have 2 cats, who live primarily outside or in said offspring's room.)  Give the poor bun a chance to adjust!

By the way... names currently under consideration:
cupcake (this is mine, the offspring are so not going for it)
frosting (also mine, the offspring just looked at me funny)
breakfast (I looked at them funny)
lunch (another odd look from Mom)
snowbunny (you guessed it, bunny is white)

There were many other names bandied about, but for some reason these stuck.

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