Thursday, July 21, 2011

I've got nothing

Lots of ideas all day, and now nothing.  Bits and pieces of ideas and nothing I can put together.  I could tell you that we have a new bunny.  She's cute.  Oh, I told you before, she was an attack bunny the 2nd day we had her.  That was funny.  Now she's reasonably nice, but is drunk with freedom.  We let her run around the downstairs (and poo in the corner) and every so often she just jumps up high and wiggles her bum in the air and goes on about her business.  Almost like something scared her mid hop. 

Our cat, Marmalade, is in the house.  He has met the bunny is thus far isn't impressed.  Actually, he's scared of said bunny (who still has no name).  He has always been a "fraidy cat" from the day I rescued him.  He was found at a wee kitten in front of a grocery store, shaking and afraid.  i got him from someone who couldn't have cats and it took me 3 days of holding him before he finally stopped shaking.  Then, he would hide, but with only his head hidden, bum still out.  Which of course made me laugh.  So he's always been afraid.  Now he's big.  Not huge, but big.  The bun was hopping around last night and cornered Marmalade in the kitchen.  I heard him hissing and got up just to make sure the bun was ok.  It didn't occur to me Marmalade might need rescuing.  Zoom, he ran up the stairs and away from the bunny.  I have a feeling they will eventually get along.

So naming the bunny.  I want to name her Fifi or Fiona.  Don't ask me why, I don't know.

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