Friday, July 29, 2011

How should we spend our bonus?

We are getting a bonus from work this year and I've already spent it like 8 different ways (man, it was fun), but now that the actual date of actual deposit of said bonus into our actual bank account draws near... the discussion of how to actually spend the money has been broached.

Pay Taxes:  Hey, Uncle Sam needs his too!  So the first 50% of any dosh will be sent off to Uncle Sam where my congressmen will spend it frivilously on things I could never get away with in my own personal budget.  sigh.

A Vacation: because my Lord knows I haven't been on one of those in years and years and years!

Cosmetic surgery: (like specifically a tummy suck/tuck -- could they just do my whole body?  Then I wouldn't even have to change my eating habits to lose weight and maintain it.  Except I hear it hurts.  Things ooze.  There are compression bandages involved.  I am already a very physically hot person (as in "I'm hot so don't even think about touching that thermostat unless you want to see some serious skin.")  Plus, my husband would never agree to an elective surgery because all he see's are the little kids starving in Africa.  There's a mood killing image.  My in a nightgown ready for business time and he's not in the mood because every time he looks at me he see's all the starving children we could have helped.  OK, that's out.

Spending Spree:  this kind of doubles as a vacation when you think about it.  I mean, I could do some serious damage at WalMart with a bonus check!  (but then I'll have to deal with the guilt of spending money at WalMart since several friends have explained to me that they are not a "nice" company and take advantage of people all over the world (with apparently the exception of the consumer because WalMart prices rock!). 

Pay of Debt:  OK, nuff said.  (in case you didn't catch it, that was a noooooooo)

Spend Wisely:  Probably what we'll do.  School is almost here which means, supplies, uniforms, backpacks, books, clothes.  There's a huge chunk there.  The hubster and I can update our thread weary closets and maybe I can manage to get a decent camera. 

You know... that bonus wasn't so fun after all.

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