Friday, September 23, 2011

Arguing with God

I've not been here for a while because I've been too busy.

School started for both children and that always takes some adjustment.  My daughter changed schools and I was fearful it would be a difficult transition...but it wasn't.  In fact, I believe she's even happier at this new school than she was at her previous one.  Seriously... Praise God!  Initially we were considering making this a 1 year change, but now I know she'll just stay where she is.

Mostly, I've not been here because I've been too busy arguing with God.  (2x4 Girl!)
He has been telling me for some time now (I shudder to think how long actually) that I need to be healthier.  It will improve my family -- setting an example, willingness (& ability) to go do more things with my kids. It will improve my marriage for the same reasons.  I will be happier -- who can't be happier?  I will feel better.

The way God often works in my life is He starts out subtle.  A nudge, a prodding, maybe I'll get sick and be bombarded with thoughts of how much I don't want to be ill anymore.  I firmly believe that the natural consequences of not working towards a healthier me are reminders from God that I need to take this step.  God is not causing them, but uses these consequences as a reminder to do something good.

Recently, I've had some bad illnesses.  I realize that I am always tired.  I always have something wrong and I think... I am done.

I will be honest, this past week I knew this was coming.  I may have even been eating and behaving worse than normal because I knew it was coming.  It's that silly and dramatic little girl inside of me that is stomping her feet and shouting "no! no! no!"

Kind of silly, but so how I feel.  This experience is showing me that I have some other issues under all this.  My complete and utter resistance to being told what to do.  I mean, seriously.  It makes me so angry!  (And I have a support role as a career!  ha!  Tell me a sense of humor isn't necessary in life)!!  So apparently I have an issue to work out there.

Today... I'll start with eating breakfast each day.

Anybody else need to start a journey?

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